Industrial and Floor Coatings in Rochester, NY

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Jeff DeFranco, President & CEO 

NY State Industrial Coatings, Inc.

108 Colvin Street, Rochester, NY 14611

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High Performance Epoxy Urethane Floor Division

NY State Industrial Coatings, Inc. Floor Coating.Specialist


* Food and Beverage Facilities
* Dairy Tile Epoxy Grout
* Coolers and Freezers
* Chemical Resistant Systems
* Secondary containment Liners
* Thermal Shock Dissipating 
* Aseptic/Septic Clean Rooms
* Production Floors 
* Warehouse Floors
* Parking & Automotive Garages
* Concrete/Drain Repairs
* Epoxy Sloping to Drains
* Pedestrian Walkways (anti-slip and OSHA certified color coded)
* Forklift Aisles
* ESD & Conductive Floor Coatings
* Steps & Landings
* Interior & Exterior Sidewalks

NY State Industrial Coatings, Inc. specializes in a  wide range of floor coatings. Options range from high end chemical and thermal shock resistant systems for the harshest environments, to cost effective systems designed to control dust and protect floors. NY State Industrial Coatings, Inc. master applicator can offer a wide range of options to meet your exact needs for every solution.